RC4Magic Series 3 Wins PLASA Award for Innovation

by Jacob Coakley

Sean Dane (left) accepting the PLASA Award for Innovation for RC4 Wireless’ Series 3 productsThe judges of the 2014 Award for Innovation at PLASA gave RC4Magic Series 3 the prize, honoring the work RC4 Wireless has done to pack multiple technologies—including wireless DMX control and dimming—into a tiny package.

RC4Magic Series 3 Wins PLASA Award for Innovation

In a feat of unparalleled engineering wizardry, RC4 Wireless has packed the past, present, and future of wireless entertainment lighting into a palm-sized capsule. Award for Innovation judges at PLASALondon2014 were astonished, some revisiting the Innovation Gallery and RC4 stand several times to be sure they hadn’t fallen prey to sorcery. But as Sean Dane, Application Specialist at RC4, demonstrated each new RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design feature in turn, mouths were agape with awe.

The DMX4dim Series 3 four-channel dimmer uses clever technologies to pack a variety of useful features in a tiny package. It maintains its price point from the previous system but adds more features. The lifetime warranty seals the deal. One judge said the only thing it doesn’t do is zip up your pants.

Judges of PLASA Innovation Awards 2014

New RC4Magic Series 3 wireless devices offer a startlingly comprehensive feature set in packages that are dangerously easy to lose in the laundry, between car seats, or in sidewalk cracks and crevices:

“Inspired by the Apple iPhone and the Leatherman multitool, RC4 Series 3 technology delivers unparalleled versatility to propsmasters and show electricians around the world,” said James David Smith, President and Chief Product Designer of RC4 Wireless.

The culmination of nearly two years of development, RC4 Series 3 devices are part of RC4 Harmonized Design™. At the core of every device is a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP), fast FLASH memory, and an extensive firmware code base authored in-house at RC4.

“What I did for several years was think – about what people need now and will need in the future,” explains James David Smith, President and Chief Product Designer at RC4 Wireless. “I drew block diagrams and scribbled cryptic charts. Then, for the past two years, I routed every copper trace on every circuit board, wrote every line of code, tested every feature and function, and revisited and reworked almost all of it. Today it works, and it works well.

“Thank you, PLASA, for recognizing our efforts at RC4 to make things better, smaller, more versatile, and more useful…” Mr. Smith then waved his wand, clicked his heels, and disappeared in a color-matched flash that was precisely 736 Twickenham Green.

Learn more about RC4 Wireless Series 3 devices at www.theatrewireless.com, and discover what other people have done with wireless dimming at www.wirelessdimming.com.

About RC4 Wireless

RC4 Wireless provides wireless lighting and motion technology for theatre, film, and television. From the gondola in The Phantom of the Opera, to wireless props and costumes in Cirque Du Soleil productions around the world; from the heart of Iron Man, to illuminated color-changing guitars for Katy Perry; RC4 has been inside awe-inspiring entertainment for over 20 years.

RC4 Harmonized Design™ is at the core of the most versatile, reliable, small, and easy-to-use wireless dimmers in the world. With devices that are compatible with RC4Magic, Wireless Solution W-DMX, and LumenRadio CRMX, RC4 wireless dimmers fit and work wherever you need them, no matter what wireless system is on the job.

With customers large and small around the world -- New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and beyond -- RC4Magic is affordable, effective, and sold with a Lifetime Warranty.

Live Life Untethered.
Learn more about RC4 products at www.theatrewireless.com.
Discover the world of projects using RC4 technology at www.wirelessdimming.com.

About the PLASA Award for Innovation

Every year, PLASA recognizes products that demonstrate progress, through attributes like a new style of thinking, an improvement in technical practice, new technology, materials or techniques, or an improvement in safety. The entries were considered by an expert judging panel comprising Tim Atkinson, Scott Burges, Jonathan Burton, Richard Cadena, Jenni Harris, Tapio Ilomaki, Steve Moles, Nick Read, Ben Rogers, and Ed Manwaring.