Yamaha IM8 Analog Consoles

by Jacob Coakley
Yamaha’s new IM8 series of analog consoles is an eight-bus console line designed to offer low-noise, professional features in a smaller format and at a competitive price. They are available in three models, the IM8-24, IM8-32 and IM8-40, offering 24, 32 and 40 channels, respectively.

All mono input channels feature both balanced XLR and TRS phone jacks, with individually switchable +48v phantom power, 26-dB pad switch, gain control, pan pot and four-band EQ with sweepable mids. Each mono input channel also includes a polarity switch and 80 Hz high-pass filter switch. Four stereo input channels provide L and R phone jack inputs, phono jack stereo pairs, input gain control, balance control and four-band EQ. The consoles also include Yamaha’s single-knob compression feature.

All inputs feature eight individual AUX send controls that can be switched in pairs for pre-fader or post-fader operation, and can be set pre- or post-EQ via internal jumpers. The noiseless faders are 100mm. An output matrix offers extra output flexibility for installations.  In addition to offering direct outs on all mono channels, the boards include a USB port to accommodate direct digital recording and playback with the supplied Cubase AI4 audio workstation software.

For more information, visit www.yamaha.com/proaudio .