Off-Broadway Producers and United Scenic Artists Create First Ever Agreement for Off-Broadway Designers

by Michael Eddy
USA 829
USA 829

NEW YORK, NY—The Off-Broadway League and United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, IATSE have announced that they have negotiated an inaugural contract for the first ever Agreement for Off-Broadway Designers. The historic deal was reached amicably, after negotiations concluded early morning on Saturday, March 4th (ironically on the birthday of the Off-Broadway League which was founded on March 4, 1959). Upon ratification, the three-year agreement memorializing standard practice in the industry will go into effect July 2017.

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“Off-Broadway has always been a champion of artists and their work,” says Adam Hess, President of the League of Off-Broadway Theatres and Producers. “These productions could not happen without the contributions of the talented designers of USA. The Off-Broadway League is very grateful to USA for a successful negotiation fueled by mutual respect and a desire to work together to find creative solutions to the economic challenges facing our community. We hope this new agreement will foster more opportunities for our artists in the Off-Broadway community and beyond.”

The Off-Broadway League

“This negotiation was both historic and a true example of what the process should be; the two sides came together and through consideration of the needs of both labor and management, created an agreement that will form the basis for what we hope is a long and mutually beneficial working relationship,” comments Cecilia Friederichs, National Business Agent, United Scenic Artists Local USA 829.

United Scenic Artists

United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, is a labor union and professional association of Designers, Artists, and Craftspeople, many who are world famous, organized to protect craft standards, working conditions and wages for the entertainment and decorative arts industries. The members of Local USA 829 are Artists and Designers working in film,theatre, opera, ballet, television, industrial shows, commercials, and exhibitions. The current active membership totals just over 4,300.

The Off-Broadway League was founded in 1959 to foster theatrical productions produced in Off-Broadway theatres, to assist in the voluntary exchange of information among its members, and to serve as the collective voice of its membership in pursuit of these goals.