Historic Strand Theatre Upgrades with Fulcrum Acoustic Loudspeakers

by Michael Eddy
The historic Strand Theatre in Rockland, ME
The historic Strand Theatre in Rockland, ME

ROCKLAND, ME—The Strand Theatre has been entertaining audiences in Rockland, Maine since 1923 and is listed on the National Historic Register. To provide sound reinforcement for its diverse programming, the Strand Theatre upgraded their system with Fulcrum Acoustic high-efficiency, full-range coaxial horn systems.

Further information from Fulcrum Acoustic (fulcrum-acoustic.com)

The Strand, a multi-use theatre, has evolved over time to host folk, rock, blues, jazz and classical music performances, as well as films, comedy, live theatre, and special events. A challenge for the Theatre was that they required compact loudspeakers capable of delivering exceptional clarity, intelligibility, naturalness, and pattern control. "We had been eking out what sound we could from our old mains and knew we had to step up our game for the caliber of performers we host," explains Strand Theatre technical director Paul LaPorte. "In selecting new mains, we needed speakers that would seamlessly integrate with our existing sound infrastructure which has been upgraded piecemeal over time. The fact that Fulcrum's loudspeaker technology could be incorporated without obsolescing the rest of our system was a huge plus."

LaPorte continues, "Fulcrum's technical support included providing EASE data on the room and digital signal processing configurations to optimize the benefits of their Temporal Equalization (TQ™) technology. The AH96 coaxial horns created a more immersive sound experience by adding depth and substance to our system right out of the box. Their 90° x 60° dispersion also was a perfect fit for the old 'shoebox style' theatre which can be acoustically challenging."

"The new Fulcrum loudspeakers are totally transparent in reproducing the natural sound of all our performances," enthuses Strand Theatre Executive Director Jessie Davis. "Their sound is cleaner and brighter, and truly impeccable."