Cambridge Architectural Wins Metal Design Award for Theatre

by Stage Directions
CAMBRIDGE, Md. –Cambridge Architectural has been selected as a category winner in the 2008 Metal Architecture Design Awards. In the “Interiors” category, Cambridge’s Planet Hollywood Theatre for the Performing Arts was chosen as the winning project.  
“We’re especially excited about this award because this was a project that required us to come up with a unique design solution,” says Heather Collins, director of Marketing for Cambridge Architectural.  “We were able to custom engineer an architectural mesh system to meet the needs of the theater and build something that has never been seen before.”
The Cambridge LandscapeInteriors system at Planet Hollywood is one-of-a-kind.  Retractable panels of metal fabric allow larger areas of the theatre to be reconfigured to suit the space requirements of an event. Specifically, the metal fabric application allows the 7,500-seat theatre to be reduced to seating for 2,800 through the use of glistening mesh partitions that carve out interior space. This method of “house reduction” is a first for the industry.
The custom LandscapeInteriors mesh solution is comprised of 23,000 sq. ft. of flexible metal fabric in Cambridge’s Scale and Mid-Balance patterns. The woven metal mesh was attached using Cambridge’s ReeleaseTM attachment method, designed specifically by Cambridge engineers for this project as a solution for raising and lowering the metal fabric panels at the touch of a button.  A concealed, overhead-mounted, motorized reel both unreels the metal fabric downward and retracts it upward for hidden storage.
In addition to “house reduction” and striking aesthetics, Cambridge’s metal fabric panels provide acoustic transparency, airflow and fire resistance in the theater.  

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