The Great American Playwright A. R. Gurney Passes Away at 86

by Michael Eddy
A.R. Gurney
A.R. Gurney

It is with sadness that we report the passing of the prominent playwright A.R. "Pete" Gurney. He passed away this morning at his home in New York City at 86. Gurney masterfully wrote about the upper classes and had a Broadway career that spanned three decades and entertained millions. His work covered the society culture, looking inside the relationships and tensions that brewed behind the stately doors of affluent northeasterners. Among the works he is best known for are his plays The Cocktail Hour, Love Letters, The Dining Room, and Sylvia


A.R. Gurney's Works (A-Z) 

Read some of A.R. Gurney's thoughts on each of these works by hitting the link of their name.

Ancestral Voices • Another Antigone • Big Bill • Black Tie • Buffalo Gal • Central Park West (opera libretto) • A Cheever Evening • Children • The Cocktail Hour • The Comeback • Darlene • Crazy Mary • The Dining Room • Entertaining Strangers (novel) • Family Furniture • Far East • The Fourth Wall • The Golden Age • The Golden Fleece • The Gospel According to Joe (novel) • The Grand Manner • The Guest Lecturer • Heresy • Human Events • Indian Blood • Labor Day • Later Life • Let’s Do It (musical) • A Light Lunch • The Love Course • Love Letters • Love & Money • The Middle Ages •  Mrs. Farnsworth • O Jerusalem • Office Hours• The Old One-Two • The Open Meeting • Overtime • The Old Boy • The Perfect Party • The Problem • Post Mortem • The Rape of Bunny Stuntz • Richard Cory • Richard Cory (musical) • Scenes from American Life • Screen Play • The Snow Ball • The Snow Ball (novel) • Strawberry Fields (opera libretto) • Sweet Sue • Sylvia • Two Class Acts • The Wayside Motor Inn • What I Did Last Summer •