Doughty's Head-Slapping (duh!) Product Wins ABTT Engineering Product of the Year

by Michael Eddy
The Three Position Tank Trap from Doughty Engineering
The Three Position Tank Trap from Doughty Engineering

Doughty Engineering, manufacturer of rigging, suspension, and lifting equipment announced that its Three Position Tank Trap (floor plate) has been awarded the ABTT Engineering Product of the Year Award at this year's show. The new piece of gear enables rigging to be built close to a wall, in the corner of a room or near to an obstruction. It would be great for side-lighting booms where you normally couldn’t get a base before. It has a detachable receiver suitable for 48mm (1.889”) barrel, which may be fitted to any of the three mounting points, which are located in the center as per a standard tank trap, at the edge, and in the corner.

The judging panel, for the ABTT Theatre Awards 2017, comprised an experienced group of working practitioners and industry peers, commented: "The mark of a good product is if, on first observation, the question raised is 'Why has this never been made before?' and Doughty Engineering's Three Position Tank Trap certainly achieves this. With a neat storage and transportation system and flexible mounting details, much of the manual handling issues associated with large tank traps have been suitably and efficiently addressed."

Doughty's new Space Saver also received the judges’ commendation in the Engineering Product of the Year category. "We had an excellent ABTT Theatre Show this year with some useful feedback from customers – ideas like the Three Position Tank Trap come from talking to end users at shows like ABTT, which provide a great forum for us to engage with our greatest asset – our customers,” said Dan Phillips, projects manager at Doughty. “Winning the ABTT Engineering Award is the icing on the cake."

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