The Long Reach Long Riders Complete 14th Annual Charity Ride

by Michael Eddy
A rest stop for the Long Reach Long Riders charity ride
A rest stop for the Long Reach Long Riders charity ride

The Long Reach Long Riders are happy to announce the success of their 14th annual charity motorcycle ride. The ride, which was dubbed The Avocado Adventure, by ride marshal Drew Wending, raised over $57,000. for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Behind the Scenes Charity, bringing the total raised since the rides began in 2004 to over $600,000.

“Putting this ride together, along with fellow organizers Patrick Wallace and Christina Smith, was a great experience,” noted Wending. “Even with the challenges of excessive heat, a sink hole the size of a pickup truck and a forest fire, we had a terrific time and raised a lot of money for our two charities."

For nine days, the riders enjoyed the many twisting, curving mountain roads of southern California. So many curves, in fact, that they began to take on their own personalities and attributes. Some of those were:

  • The 'no surprise' curve. The tight curve around a rock outcropping that always had a truck coming from the opposite direction.
  • The 'on your toes' curve. An S-curve with gravel in the first curve and a car coming from the opposite direction in the second.
  • The 'sphincter test' curve. An outside curve along the top of a mountain pass with a 500-ft cliff and no guardrail.
  • And everyone’s favorite. The 'gotcha' curve. A right-hand curve into a dip with an immediate switchback to the left with a wild turkey family crossing the road.

Donations for the 2017 ride are being accepted until August 1, 2017

LRLR 2018, the Gap and Notch ride, is scheduled to start in Manchester NH and wander through New England for seven days visiting places like Mt. Washington, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, and Smugglers Notch. Tentative ride dates are June 23 and June 30th.

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