SynAudCon Training Event to Focus on UHF Spectrum Repack

by Michael Eddy
SynAudCon will provide training on how to deal with the UHF spectrum repack
SynAudCon will provide training on how to deal with the UHF spectrum repack

Representatives from Radio Active Designs, Lectrosonics, and Shure will be participating in a two-day training class— Making Wireless Work—that’s organized by SynAudCon. The event will take place in Dallas, TX on Sept. 26-27, 2017.

“Radio Active Designs is committed to providing education that will help audio technicians and engineers prepare for the coming wave of interference in the RF spectrum that we have utilized since 1962,” said company CTO James Stoffo, who will be joining Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics, and Tim Vear of Shure at the event.

“We have already announced that T-Mobile will begin testing equipment in their newly acquired 600 MHz spectrum this year,” Stoffo added. “The UHF television repack will be taking place over the next three years, and we are in ‘Phase Zero’ of that process,” Stoffo added. “The next three-years will present greater challenges to the wireless microphone and intercom operator than in any three-year period in the history of man-made radio on the planet. Wireless manufacturers are responding by introducing new wireless technologies in alternate radio spectrum. The hardware used to implement this technology will require new and innovative antenna systems and accessories. The SynAudCon Making Wireless Work course will teach the strategies and techniques required to implement and master wireless audio operations well in to the future.”

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