In Memoriam: Jim Meyer, Rosco

by Michael Eddy
Jim Meyer
Jim Meyer

We were saddend earlier this week to learn of the death of Jim Meyer, who most recently was the Director of International Business Development for Rosco.  Rosco released the following statement.

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our good friend and Rosco colleague, Jim Meyer, has passed away. Originally from Eastchester, NY, Jim lived in the Los Angeles area for many years.

We couldn’t even begin to list all of Jim Meyer’s many accomplishments in his 40 plus years at Rosco. Jim’s contributions to Rosco and to the Film and Entertainment industries were innumerable. He was hired at Rosco in 1976 as the Salesman for the New York Film and TV industry and went on to become Rosco’s Product Manager for Cinegel color correction and diffusion filters and the General Manager for Rosco’s LA office. In 1999, Jim, along with Dr. Mitchell J. Bogdanowicz from Kodak, won the Award for Technical Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their development of the CalColor system of calibrated color filters. For many years he was Rosco’s face within the film industry around the globe, educating colleagues, vendors, and customers alike about lighting theory and technique using Rosco products.

Jim held many positions in his long career at Rosco, gaining unfathomable knowledge and experience. His most recent title was Director of International Business Development where Jim flourished as he opened the doors for Rosco in Latin America, Asia and China. Heartfelt wishes have poured into Rosco from around the world with fond memories of friendships Jim had built over the years. He will be remembered as a passionate story-teller, a mentor, a helper, and most of all, a good friend.

[Editor's Note: On a personal note, I worked with Jim during my time at Rosco. I considered him a very kind and generous mentor. As a product manager, I took over the NY Film and TV market for Rosco. It took a long time for many gaffers and DPs to stop asking me, 'So kid, where's Jim Meyer at?' They were shoes that I could only aspire to fill one day! Requiescat in Pace, Jim.   - Michael S. Eddy]