In Memoriam: Jonathan Resnick, CEO of Barbizon Lighting

by Michael Eddy
Jonathan Resnick
Jonathan Resnick

"The lighting industry grew a little dimmer September 28th; we are heartbroken to report the passing of Barbizon Lighting Company’s CEO Jonathan Resnick." Barbizon Lighting shared this sad and unexpected news in the following statement.

Jonathan’s larger than life personality, passion, and energy touched many people, from his time at Brown University, to working in broadcast news, and eventually running the business that started 70 years ago by his father Sam Resnick and Sid Bloom. Jonathan's perspective, clarity, and vision set him apart as a trusted colleague and mentor to so many people in the lighting industry. His insight will be truly missed.

In a note from the Resnick family, “…in the coming days, there will be much to reflect on and much to be shared.  The Resnick family feels very proud of and indebted to the Barbizon Family for all of its commitment to the organization, but also for joining with Jon and growing a professional business known as an industry leader.”

A tribute page to celebrate Jonathan’s life has been set up for colleagues, families and friends to share memories, pictures, and messages. If you’d like to contribute, the web address is: 
Please feel free to share the link with others in the industry.

We were all incredibly fortunate to have worked with Jonathan.  Once we recover from our loss, we all will do exactly as Jonathan would have wanted. Get back to work and make the world shine.

[Ed. Note- I had the great good fortune to work for Jonathan in Barbizon's NY office for a number of years and know he was a truly kind and caring human being. He valued family and colleagues, treating both with respect and generosity. No matter how a day might be going he had a broad smile for all. His sense of humor and his laugh could light the showroom; his compassion and easy style of mentoring fostered the best in everyone. He will truly be missed by all who knew him. I will certainly miss him. - Michael S. Eddy]

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