The Elation Artiste DaVinci WH Wins WFX Award

by Michael Eddy
The Artiste DaVinci WH from Elation Professional
The Artiste DaVinci WH from Elation Professional

Elation Professional’s Artiste DaVinci WH™, has been honored with a New Product Award as the “Best Moving Light” at the 2017 WFX Conference & Expo in Dallas.

“We are very excited about the Artiste product series and are delighted with the recognition it is getting,” stated Elation Sales Director Eric Loader. “With Artiste DaVinci we put all the design features that creative LDs ask for in a small package. It’s full-featured with impressive power yet in an energy-efficient, LED-based design. This is really the ultimate performance fixture designed for demanding theatrical and stage applications, and with the elegant white housing of the WH version it can fit discreetly into worship spaces.”                    

Announced on October 11th, the 2017 WFX New Product Awards are presented by Worship Facilities Magazine and Worship Tech Director. The New Product Award for “Best Moving Light recognizes the best new moving yoke lighting product for the church market and was chosen by an independent panel of HoW tech leaders, along with Worship Facilities Tech Director Andres Caamano. Products were individually judged on multiple criteria including innovation, functionality, cost-effectiveness, competitive advantages, benefits to the end user, and benefits to the integrator.

The Artiste DaVinci WH is a full-featured, theatrical-grade LED moving head spot with a beautiful white housing that fits ideally in any HoW environment. It delivers a combination of power, color, and projection for use in a wide range of applications from worship space to service, music, play, or broadcast.

Further information from Elation Professional about the Artiste DaVinci WH: