Artists Rep AD Allen Nause to Retire

by Jacob Coakley


Allen Nause, artistic director of Artists Rep in Portland, has announced he will retire in 2013.
Allen Nause, artistic director of Artists Rep in Portland, has announced he will retire in 2013.

The Artists Rep theatre in Portland, Ore., has announced that Allen Nause, their artistic director for the past 25 years will retire in 2013. The theatre has started a search for his replacement, who will begin in 2013.

Allen Nause plans to retire in 2013
at 25 years as Artistic Director at Artists Rep,
calls this an ‘opportunity’ for the theater

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Portland, Oregon – December 31, 2011. By the time Allen Nause retires in June 2013, he will have been at the helm of Artists Rep for 25 years, leading the theater by bringing Portland the newest and most challenging plays, featuring the highest caliber local theater artists, and creating a highly regarded mid-sized theater that attracts enthusiastic and dedicated theater audiences.

“Now is the time for me to put my retirement plans in motion,  Artists Rep is healthier than ever these days helped by the strongest start to a season ever thanks to a clarity of artistic vision supported by a dedicated, professional staff,  a  committed Board of Directors, and a growing, adventurous audience, said Allen Nause. "These factors allow me to retire with the confidence that Artists Rep will continue to serve our community with provocative, challenging theater for many years to come." Nause continues, "It has been an honor and privilege to serve as Artistic Director of a theater I love so much, it has been an incredible journey and this next step holds great opportunity for Artists Rep’s future.”

On the threshold of Artists Rep’s 30th year of challenging artists and audiences with adventurous and provocative plays staged in intimate environments, the theatre’s Board of Directors will seek a new Artistic Director to begin in 2013.  Artists Rep’s Board of Directors ‘Artistic Director Search Committee’ will begin a national and international exploration of candidates beginning in January 2012.  Nause will lead the play selection in the 2012-13 season with Associate Artistic Director Jon Kretzu and Literary Manager Stephanie Mulligan, and will remain at his post until the end of the 2012-13 Season, likely overlapping time with the incoming Artistic Director.

“Our key quest is to find a leader who is a ‘fit’ for Artists Rep,” said Kris Olson, Artists Repertory Theatre Board Chair.  “We want someone who can stand comfortably on the considerable shoulders of Allen Nause, as the company enters its fourth decade of intimate, challenging theater.”

Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, Nause is well-respected for his artistic leadership, as well as his strong abilities as a director and actor. Nause says he will work with the Board of Directors to find the best person for Artists Rep with both leadership and artistic strengths that complement both the professionalism and philosophy of Artists Rep.

“Allen Nause is one of the most talented and influential leaders in American regional theater today, having built Artists Rep into a highly respected company producing consistently exciting and thought-provoking plays that engage the audience,” said Ronni Lacroute, Artists Rep donor and patron. “Allen has a talent for finding compelling scripts and attracting superb actors as well as highly creative technical theater professionals, so I am thrilled to have been invited to underwrite productions at Artists Rep since 2005,” Lacroute continues, “what sets Artists Rep apart is the connection that patrons feel to the company, which feels more like an extended family.”

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