Jason Schumacher new GM at ZFX

by Naomi Crews

ZFX Jason Schumacher, GMJason Schumacher returns to ZFX after time as a film producer and stunt coordinator in New York City and beyond. 

ZFX Appoints New General Manager

Leading flying effects company getting the band back together

Louisville, KY - ZFX Flying Effects (www.zfxflying.com), the most Zealous flying company in the galaxy, announced today that Jason Schumacher has returned to the company to take on the general manager position. Jason will oversee management at ZFX in an effort to continue the company’s stated goal of worldwide domination of the performer flying industry, with galactic domination to follow.

“We’re getting the band back together!” says company founder Robert Dean. “Bringing Schu on completes our initiative to fill our key management positions with former Flying Directors who know the flying industry like the back of their o-gauges. Having a team at the helm with years of road experience directly benefits our clients and Flying Directors working together in the field.”

“In addition to his experience in flying effects and management, Schu brings a Zen-like demeanor that will greatly benefit our clients and employees. We’re pretty sure we’re going to put ‘Chairman of the Horde’ on his business cards.”

Jason brings extensive experience in performer flying and the entertainment industry to ZFX. In addition to incorporating flying into over 300 productions as a Flying Director, he has also worked as a film producer and stunt coordinator. He has brought three films to market with Warehouse District Productions, where he honed skills in managing both creative and technical processes in dynamically changing environments. After time spent in New York City and Nashville, Jason is excited to return to Louisville and ZFX.

“This is a unique and remarkable company that strives every day to offer its clients not only safe flying effects, but a creative partner in developing the best possible performances,” says Jason. “Returning to ZFX gives me the opportunity to help further those goals. This company is my second favorite dysfunctional family, and it’s nice to come home. Plus, I already own a half-a-dozen kilts that are nicely worn in.”

Created in 1994, ZFX, Inc. is the complete service provider for Flying Effects. They don’t just handle the rigging or flying harnesses. They’re not just skilled at automation, choreography and flying design. ZFX covers every aspect of flying possibilities. From High Schools to Broadway, Churches to Special Events, ZFX zealously pursues its goal of worldwide domination of the performer flying industry, with galactic domination to follow. Their infectious enthusiasm comes at no additional charge. They don’t wake up and put their pants on one leg at a time like other guys. They wrap themselves in kilts and stride boldly out into the world.