Greg Schaefer and Tori Oggioni Appointed to Rose Brand Inside Sales Team

by Naomi Crews

Greg Schaefer and Tori Oggioni, Inside Sales Team at Rose Brand company HQGreg Schaefer and Tori Oggion join the inside sales team at Rose Brand company headquarters in New Jersey.

Rose Brand Adds Two Star Players to Sales Team

Secaucus, New Jersey –July 7, 2015

Greg Schaefer and Tori Oggioni both recently joined the inside sales team at Rose Brand company headquarters in New Jersey.

Greg is a New Jersey native whose passion for theater started in childhood. Studying drama at Washington College, Greg fully immersed himself in theater. He experienced all aspects of production from performing to lighting and set design, from direction to stage management. Following graduation he was involved in New York City theater, performing in several Off-Off Broadway productions, showcases, and a sketch comedy group.  Matt Biringer, Sales Person at Rose Brand and longtime friend of Greg’s, says, “He understands people and has an excellent work ethic.  He has determination and is known to go above and beyond.” Prior to joining Rose Brand, Greg worked with One Dream Sound which focused on sound rentals and design, as well as lighting, staging, and video production. He has a long work history of leading teams and managing customer expectations.

What attracted Greg to Rose Brand? He says it simply: “Rose Brand is the best in the business.” He furthers explains, “Collaboration was always my favorite aspect of theatrical production, so I am looking forward to not only working with my colleagues, but especially our customers to help them realize their vision.”

Greg’s education includes a BA degree from the Washington College where he was a double major in political science and drama.  

Tori is no stranger to the Rose Brand family either, as she completed a CO-OP program with the company for three summers before joining as a full time employee. Through her experience in live theater and at Rose Brand, Tori has learned many skills including stage management, sound design, and projection setup. Rose Brand expects all of these skills will be extremely helpful to customers working on productions. As Tom Coulouris, Senior Project Manager at Rose Brand, puts it, “I predict she will grow to be one of our go-to team members in the next few years. She always drives positive outcomes for our customers.”

The customers are precisely what Tori is passionate about. She says, “They’re such a diverse group and some of the best designers in the industry. The strong connection to theatre is what drew me to the company in the first place.”

Tori’s education includes a BA degree from Northeastern University where she majored in theatre with a double concentration in production and performance.