Audiologist Jenna Paley Joins Sensaphonics

by Jacob Coakley
Audiologist Jenna Paley has joined Sensaphonics in a business development role, to promote hearing wellness through the company’s advanced IEM designs.
Audiologist Jenna Paley has joined Sensaphonics in a business development role, to promote hearing wellness through the company’s advanced IEM designs.

CHICAGO—Sensaphonics hired Dr. Jenna Paley to promote hearing wellness and business development. Paley received her doctorate in audiology from Indiana University, and is founder of Project Decibel, an organization dedicated to educating musicians and others on how to protect their hearing health while still enjoying loud sound on stage, in the audience, or anywhere in their lives.

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“Hearing wellness is something I’m very passionate about, which is a perfect match with Sensaphonics,” she says. “When we spoke about the best ways to work together on our common goals, it was clear that joining forces was the solution. Working with a company that shares my commitment to hearing health is a dream come true for me.”

At Sensaphonics, Paley will bring her own perspective and expertise to the company’s ongoing mission to help musicians maintain their hearing wellness through knowledge, techniques, and products designed for high-impact monitoring with minimal risk of hearing damage.  She will be organizing and presenting at educational events to promote hearing wellness with outreach to industry organizations, as well as visiting touring and local artists at venues and rehearsal facilities.

“For musicians, hearing health is incredibly important, so preventing damage early in their careers is critical.  That’s why I focus on hearing wellness,” notes Paley. “Our mission is to show musicians and sound engineers how to protect their ears while still enjoying the pleasures of live and recorded music.”

Paley is a Chicago native and a recent graduate of the Sensaphonics Gold Circle seminar, where she gained hands-on experience working with a band experiencing in-ear monitors for the first time.

“It was inspiring to see how much the band loved being able to hear each other more clearly without hurting their ears in rehearsal,” says Dr. Paley. “And for a manufacturer to have a dedicated Musicians’ Hearing Clinic is totally unique. I knew right away that Sensaphonics is a company who gets it, and one I wanted to work with.”

Dr. Jenna Paley is the third audiologist on the Sensaphonics staff, joining company President Dr. Michael Santucci and clinical audiologist, Dr. Heather Malyuk. Paley is already performing outreach in the Chicago music community, and stands ready to perform services ranging from hearing consultation, testing, and ear impressions.

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