Digby Davies Joins VER as New CEO

by Michael Eddy
Digby Davies joins VER as CEO
Digby Davies joins VER as CEO

VER announces the appointment of Digby Davies as its new CEO. With nearly 30 years’ industry experience, including a total of 11 years as COO and then CEO of technology services provider, PSAV, Digby has developed broad industry knowledge, business acumen, and a unique perspective as a former VER client.

“It was the experience I had as a ten-year VER customer that enticed me to be part of this global, growing company,” says Davies. “For me, what sets VER apart is its culture of above and beyond service, relentless problem solving, consistently hiring the best people in the industry, and always providing added value. My goal is to preserve this culture for our 1,600 employees and our clients.”

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