Are You Ready for the 6th Annual International Stage Manager Day?

by David J. McGraw
Photo: Carly O'Neill
Photo: Carly O'Neill

I was chatting with an Australian colleague and I casually asked if the International Stage Manager’s Day had taken root on her continent.  Not only has the holiday “well and truly taken hold” in Australia, but various SM teams are trying to figure out how to top last year’s festivities.  The photo for this post is a cake made last year by a QUT Technical Production Stage Management student.  And yes, both the stop watch and the pencil are also edible.

American readers of this blog, we need to step up our game!

Much like the other beloved October holiday, we cannot wait until the day before to make plans or buy something from superstore if we truly want to inspire awe.  We have over a week – plenty of time for a stage manager to tech something brilliant!

If you are new to the holiday (October 10th or 10/10, which is how many British stage managers refer to Tech like the American 10-out-of-12), or just fresh out of ideas, you may want to consider the following options.

What We Can Do 

What Others Can Do for Us

Stage Management Students

The rest of us are counting on you.  We might be feeling worn out or, worse, jaded, so we are relying on you to remind us how wonderful stage management can be.  What makes you proud to be a stage manager?

As much as I want to treat that Australian cake as a challenge, we are all in this together. So when those Aussies start posting 10/10 messages on the evening of our 10/09, join in the early festivities - we have cause to celebrate.