Taylor Mac and Machine Dazzle, Henry Hewes Design Award Honoree, Talk A 24 Decade History of Popular Music

by Kathy Eddy

 Costume Designer Machine Dazzle was just named as one of the five Henry Hewes Design Awards Honorees announced by the American Theatre Wing for his work on Taylor Mac: A 24-Decade History of Popular Music at St. Ann’s Warehouse during the show's Brooklyn run. Here what performance artist Taylor Mac, a 2017 MacArthur Fellow, and Machine Dazzle have to say about this extraordinary production, (a romp through American history from 1776 to the present day that uses the pop hits of the ages, commentary, and off-the-wall fashions to share a unique vision of this country's story). KQED’s senior arts editor Chloe Veltman, sat down with them in the costume-strewn basement of San Francisco's Curran Theater when the artists were prepping for a run of the show in SF this past September.