A Tree Grows in Denver (Building the tree for Native Gardens at DCPA)

by Stage Directions

DCPA Theatre Company Charge Scenic Artist Jana Mitchell talks about the creative challenges that came with building a massive 30-foot indoor tree for staging of Karen Zacarías' celebrated comedy Native Gardens.

The play centers on two neighboring couple at odds over their property line — and the presence of a massive oak tree that one couple loves but aggravates the other when it drops its leaves, nuts and branches on the other side of the fence. Because the play is being staged in the round, Scenic Designer Lisa M. Orzolek could not simply place the tree in the middle of the set because audiences would not be able to see much of the pay. Mitchell explains how they solved that, and other nuts. Performances of the play, directed by Lisa Portes, ran through through May 6, 2018, in the Space Theatre. Video by David Lenk and John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter.
Further information from DCPA Theatre Company: www.denvercenter.org