The SMA is Ready for the International Stage Managers Appreciation Day

by Stage Directions

On Wednesday, October 10th, the Stage Managers’ Association (SMA) in the U.S. is going to be celebrating the upcoming International Stage Managers Appreciation Day. The SMA of the United States has gatherings across the country in all regions, Central, West, and Eastern. In NYC, there are deliveries being made to all Broadway SM teams. 

If you sign into the SMA website at you can send a telegram to any Stage Manager anywhere in the world. There is also a public list of suggestions as to how you can show appreciation to your favorite Stage Manager or Stage Managers.

You can join the Facebook Group, SMA Swag Box, Stage Manager or not, where you can order some Stage Manager-related items, including SM pencils, a special bag, one or more backstage t-shirts, or a Stage Manager duck to be priority mailed to your favorite Stage Manager.

If you are new to the holiday (October 10th or 10/10, which is how many British stage managers refer to tech, like the American 10-out-of-12 has been named Stage Manger's Day), Stage Direction's SM Kit Blogger, David J. McGraw has a post in the SM Kit blog about the International Stage Manager's Day and he offers some gift ideas and options as well as ways to celebrate. Read that blog post here.

Further information from the Stage Managers’ Association: