Celebrate International Stage Manager Appreciation Day, Wednesday October 10th

by Stage Directions
Be sure to celebrate the Stage Manager in your life today!
Be sure to celebrate the Stage Manager in your life today!

Today is October 10th, which in the theater world is International Stage Manager Appreciation Day! We here at Stage Directions Magazine would like to give a shout-out of appreciation for all the Stage Managers in our lives. We suggest that everyone in theater—Designers, Technicians, Directors, Actors, and Management all celebrate and honor the women and men who make your shows run like clockwork. The official hashtage is: #StageMgrs18

If this holiday is new to you, here’s a little background from SD Contributing Writer and SM Kit Blogger, David J. McGraw. “October 10th or 10/10, has become known as the International Stage Manager Appreciation Day. It comes from how many British stage managers refer to Tech like the American 10-out-of-12.” David, who also is a Stage Manager and teaches Stage Management, has some ideas and options of how to celebrate the stage manager in your life:

What We Can Do 

  • This is an international holiday, so can you find stage managers in other countries and learn how we are both alike and different? 
  • If you are a resident stage manager, are there any tours coming through the area?  Can you provide some local hospitality to a stage manager who may be feeling homesick?
  • Thank your mentor(s).
  • Listen the Standing in the Dark podcasts and read the Stage Management History blog for stories about how stage management has evolved.
  • Share a “Day in the Life” by journaling your workday to share with family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Tend to your battle-worn SM Kit: replace the cushions on your headset, take inventory of your Sharpies, buy new show blacks, etc.
  • Find a school/youth group and share what it means to be a stage manager.
  • Treat yourself!  You deserve it.

What Others Can Do for Us

  • We are giving our companies a new reason to celebrate!  What Stage Manager Appreciation events can your team’s social event organizer design with a week’s notice?  It is still a new holiday, so add your own twist.  Is 10/10 the day that everyone supplies secret gifts of chocolate at the SM’s table?
  • Annual Amnesty Day for Returning Things “Borrowed” from your Stage Manager?

Stage Management Students
The rest of us are counting on you.  We might be feeling worn out or, worse, jaded, so we are relying on you to remind us how wonderful stage management can be.  What makes you proud to be a stage manager?

Today, the Stage Managers’ Association (SMA) in the U.S. is celebrating International Stage Managers Appreciation Day. The SMA of the United States has gatherings across the country in all regions, Central, West, and Eastern. In NYC, there are deliveries being made to all Broadway SM teams. 

If you sign into the SMA website at Stagemanagers.org/thank-a-stage-manager-or-apprentice/ you can send a telegram to any Stage Manager anywhere in the world. There is also a public list of suggestions as to how you can show appreciation to your favorite Stage Manager or Stage Managers.

You can join the Facebook Group, SMA Swag Box, Stage Manager or not, where you can order some Stage Manager-related items, including SM pencils, a special bag, one or more backstage t-shirts, or a Stage Manager duck to be priority mailed to your favorite Stage Manager.

Here are some of the suggestions from the SMA for celebrating the Stage Manager in your life.

  • Send them a stage manager telegram (available here at stagemanagers.org on October 10 only)
  • Buy them their favorite snack
  • Leave them a card of appreciation
  • Leave a treat on their table or at their stage manager console
  • Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant
  • Gift them a membership to the Stage Managers’ Association
  • Change your Facebook Profile picture to your favorite Stage Manager on October 10 only
  • Flowers
  • Have your company thank them from the stage on International Stage Manager Day – October 10

Further information from the Stage Managers’ Association: www.stagemanagers.org