GEAR IN FOCUS: Shure ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter

by Kathy Eddy
The front view of the Shure ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter
The front view of the Shure ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter

Shure recently introduced the ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter which is compatible with its Axient Digital Wireless Systems. Real proof that big things can come in small packages, the ADX1M offers theatrical designers more flexibility in placement and concealment of the bodypack transmitter. Everything about the design of Shure’s new Micro Bodypack Transmitter is well thought out and shows an understanding of the challenges and needs of the theater application.

Michael Johns, Sr. Manager, Product Management, with Shure explains some of the thinking that went into the design of the ADX1M. “We knew that the ADX1M had to be equal to the demands of today’s modern theater—which is more physically demanding than ever before. In every conversation we had with sound designers and audio technicians, it was clear to us that we had to reinvent what a world-class micro bodypack should be to go alongside the world-class wireless solution in Axient Digital. Many, if not all, of the ADX1M features and benefits were developed with the most demanding theater situations in mind.”

The first thing one notices is, as its name suggests, its greatly reduced size is well-suited to concealing the transmitter in costumes and wigs. The transmitter is indeed micro—60.4 mm x 68.0 mm x18.0 mm (2.4 in. x 2.7 in. x 0.7 in.) H x W x D without the clip; and light—it weighs 1.9 oz. (53 g), without the battery. It also features a streamlined design with rounded corners to help avoid snags. The recessed LEMO connector and the internal antenna further contribute to the compact profile of the transmitter and increasing ease of concealment. The body of the transmitter is made from lightweight Ultem® / PEI (polyetherimide), a high-strength polymer with excellent heat resistant construction and includes a detachable belt clip.

The top view of the Shure ADX1M Micro Bodypack TransmitterThe ADX1M has not sacrificed quality for scale, in fact it is designed to deliver the impeccable audio quality and RF performance for which the Shure Axient Digital line is known. The ADX1M is equipped with Shure’s ShowLink remote control for remote real-time parameter adjustments and automatic interference avoidance. The transmitter features a patent-pending internal adaptive antenna for optimized signal when the ADX1M is worn against the body. It has two transmission modes: Standard for optimal coverage and new High Density for maximum system channel count and robust coverage.

This transmitter features wide tuning—up to 184 MHz, High Density (HD) mode, encryption-enabled, and advanced rechargeability. Of particular note for a bodypack intended for rigorous theatrical use, the ADX1M includes sealed switches to protect against sweat and moisture ingress along with the recessed LEMO connector. It also has an OLED display that provides excellent visibility in low-light environments. The ADX1M includes two SB910M rechargeable batteries, which provides up to seven hours of runtime with a full charge.

The Axient Digital—and the ADX1M specifically—have been tested in some of the most demanding theater installations and touring companies across the globe. “We’ve spent countless hours with sound designers, A2, and A1 techs from Broadway and the West End, as well as regional theaters, to ensure we got the ADX1M just right,” comments Johns. “We really listened to what they had to say, and they’re now telling us that we delivered exactly what they asked for. They love the size, round edges, and internal antenna design of the ADX1M combined with the robust RF execution and sound quality of Axient Digital.”

Shure has a long and storied history in the audio market and has been a leader in wireless technology and RF solutions for many years. Shure’s ADX transmitters have a well-deserved reputation for exceptional performance and the ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter easily fits into the family, in fact it will easily fit just about anywhere. Shure’s goal for Axient Digital is not just to become the new Shure flagship wireless product line, but to embody a new industry standard for premier theater all over the world. Shure’s commitment to the theater space is unwavering," Johns adds, "Shure has been very successful in becoming one of the go-to microphone choices for pit orchestras and wireless, and as such we’re going to continue to support the theater market for many years to come by listening to our customers and responding to their unique needs with innovative solutions."

Shure has squarely arrived on stage and obviously have no intention of exiting—stage left or otherwise—anytime soon.

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