Backstage Video: The Art of the Phantom of the Opera Mask

by Stage Directions

Saturday, January 26, 2019 was the 31st Anniversary of the Broaddway opening of The Phantom of the Opera. Here's a backstage video about how the iconic mask is custom-made for each Phantom: 

 In this video, Milliner and Phantom mask maker, Rodney Gordon walks us through the process of making these custom masks. Gordon works with the current Phantom, Ben Crawford on casting his face and making the mask along with Sam Fleming, the Associate Costume Designer and Thelma Pollard, Production Makeup Supervisor. (Pollard has been with the production since its opening.)

The Costume Designer, Maria Björnson won Tony Awards for both the scenic and costume designs for The Phantom of the Opera. Gordon still works with the original mask design paper that was created by Björnson.

We wish the crew, perfomers, and everyone connected with the production, a very Happy 31st Anniversary!