Backstage Video: Tour the Set of My Fair Lady with Henry Higgins

by Michael Eddy

Take a tour of the Higgin's house, led by actor Harry Hadden-Paton, who plays My Fair Lady's Henry Higgins at the Vivian Beaumont Theater. Here's a video from Lincoln Center Theater:

The wonderful set design for My Fair Lady was designed by Michael Yeargan. (SD Contributing Editor, Howard Sherman, interviewed Michael Yeargan about his career and touched on the design for My Fair Lady. The story ran in the September issue of Stage Directions.) Prop Supervisor, Alison Mantilla would like to point out that she does NOT want any credit for the lozenge box!

Giving credit, where credit is due, here is the Prop's team for My Fair Lady:
Prop Supervisor: Alison Mantilla
Props Assistants:  Liz Frino and Jessica Ayala
House Production Propertyman: Karl Rausenberger
Props Crew: Rudy Wood, John Ross, Will Coholan, Charlie Rausenberger, and Norm Frith

Scenic Design: Michael Yeargan
Costume Design: Catherine Zuber
Lighting Design: Donald Holder
Sound Design: Marc Salzberg
Hair and Wig Design: Tom Watson
Makeup Design: Tommy Kurzman
Associate Scenic Design: Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams
Associate Lighting Design: Karen Spahn
Associate Sound Design: Beth Lake

Production Manager: Paul Smithyman
Associate Prod. Mgr: Kevin Orzechowski
Production Stage Manager: Jennifer Rae Moore

The study of Henry Higgins house in My Fair Lady. Photo by Joan Marcus 

Further information on My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center Theater: