An American Theatre Wing Working in Theatre Video: Specialty Props

by Stage Directions

What do fake dead bodies, a carve-able turkey, and the physical puppet of Donkey in Shrek: the Musical have in common? They are all examples of what makes the world of Specialty Props so fascinating. This very special field in the theatre requires an expertise in fine art, but also one with knowledge of the dramatic structure. These designers have the challenge to both dazzle and inspire audiences, without interrupting the show or movement, a skill that requires collaboration with the creative team of the show. Watch this American Theatre Wing Working in Theatre video with Mary Creede, Zoë Morsette, and John Jerard sculpt, sew, hammer, power, design, and ultimately create iconic specialty props.

 Special Note: Many of the props that Zoë Morsette discussed working on including Les Misérables were built during her time working at McHugh-Rollins studio.