All Dressed Up With A Showplace To Go: New York Comic Con 2019

by Text and Photos by Howard Sherman

New York’s Comic Con 2019, held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center October 3 through 6, was its usual riot of panels, autograph sessions, and memorabilia sales. But for those with an eye towards patron creativity, the big show was easily found in the center’s common areas – or for that matter, on the streets outside and on the platforms of the nearest subway stations. That’s where costume play – cosplay for those in the know – was in full flower. Here's an array of photos that I shot at the New York Comic Con.

It was almost impossible to look in any direction and not see a swath of attendees of the Con in full character regalia, with countless Spider-Men, Harley Quinns, Deadpools, and Pennywises leading the way in a decidedly unscientific survey. While many in the crowd appeared to be wearing commercially produced costumes (or parts thereof), deep creativity was in evidence with homemade costumes that utilized everything from corrugated coardboard and PVC pipe to aluminum foil and fishing wire, plus often eye-popping makeup work.

For people who toil in theater, where costumes are commonplace, perhaps the thrill of dressing up isn’t necessarily novel. But for Con patrons, the experience not only of showcasing one’s self in character in public – not to mention designing and building the costume – is at its apotheosis on the Con floor, surpassing even what adults can achieve on Halloween.