TDF Launches PXP Forum for Young Theatregoers

by Jacob Coakley

The Theatre Development Fund launched PXP, an student-run online forum built to engage students in the creative process and provide opportunities to attend live performances.


New York, NY – January 22, 2015 – Theatre Development Fund (TDF) believes that future audiences are built by engaging students first-hand in the vital and exciting activity of the creative process as well as by providing opportunities to attend live performances of great art. TDF enacts this philosophy through its various arts education programs that annually bring over 10,000 students to the theatre and is continually seeking to find ways to continue the dialogue with these novice theatregoers for these program participants and for young theatregoers everywhere.

To that end, TDF is proud to launch its new site for students and young theatregoers, PXP. PXP ( is a student run forum exploring the complete theatre experience; from the pre-show to the post-show, and from artist to audience. The site is a democracy where all thoughts and comments are encouraged in hopes of creating a dynamic conversation.

Through POSTS, where young audience members reflect on theatergoing and emerging artists speak of their experience in creating theatre; PROMPTS, where the PXP audience responds to probing questions centered on specific shows; and PEOPLE, where a team of young reporter/photographers profile theatre goers, TDF hopes to build a community of young people, ages 16-26, interested in live theatre who narrate their experience for their peers. Information for first time theatregoers and theatregoers on a budget, as well as opportunities to get involved in the theatre scene with programs and internships are among the services provided.

PXP is part of TDF’s larger vision to engage audiences after their initial attendance at live theatre in NYC,” says TDF’s Director of Education, Daniel Renner. “By creating this online community of thousands of young people who participate in TDF’s education programs, our goal is to extend the impact of their first theatre going experiences allowing them to find their own deeply personal connection to the work, hopefully creating a thirst for future participation.”

“On PXP, our team of college and high school age writers are encouraged to reflect on their experience at the theatre, not critique the show,” says Patrick Berger, editor of PXP. “That includes everything that happens before, during and after the performance.

It is through this style of reporting that we invite any young audience members to engage and share their experiences with PXP.”

PXP also serves as a teaching tool for educators that are involved in TDF’s Education Programs. “PXP is a great way to harness the energy and excitement my students have after seeing a theatre event,” said Ann Neary, a high school teacher at DeWitt Clinton High School in The Bronx. “The written response keeps their enthusiasm levels high and allows them a voice in a medium they embrace. They join an important cultural conversation-the inclusive nature of the invitation is not lost on them. 15 minutes of fame? No, a lifetime….”

PXP may be accessed ONLINE at:




TDF’s education pro­grams serve over 10,000 students and community group members through­out New York City and the Tri-State area each year. The programs are:

Stage Doors, an in-depth introduction to live theatre, partnering with teachers and teach­ing artists;

Residency Program (RP), an intensive playwriting and theatre program taking place in class;

Summer Playwriting Intensive (SPI), a two-week summer follow-up workshop to RP;

WORDLab further moti­vates RP and SPI gradu­ates to create new works in a student ensemble;

Open Doors is a pro­gram, which TDF founded with Wendy Wasserstein, where theatre pro­fessionals mentor high school students over an entire school year;

PxP is TDF’s online magazine for theatrego­ers ages 16-26;

The Dance Project in­volves NYC high school students with the world of dance; and

New Audiences for New York (NANY), which introduces live theatre and arts education to underserved community groups and CUNY students.


TDF, a not-for-profit service organization for the performing arts, was created in the conviction that the live theatrical arts afford a unique expression of the human condition that must be sustained and nurtured. It is dedicated to developing diverse audiences for live theatre and dance, and strengthening the performing arts community in New York City. Since 1968, TDF’s programs have provided over 87 million people with access to performances at affordable prices and have returned over $2.4 billion to thousands of productions. Best known for its TKTS Discount Booths, TDF’s membership, outreach, access (including its Autism Theatre Initiative) and education programs — as well as its Costume Collection — have introduced thousands of people to the theatre and helped make the unique experience of theatre available to everyone, including students and people with disabilities. Recent TDF honors include a 2011 Mayor’s Award for Arts and Culture, a 2012 Tony Honor for Excellence for its Open Doors Arts Education Program, a 2012 New York Innovative Theatre Award for its support of the off-Off Broadway community and a 2013 Lucille Lortel honor for “Outstanding Body of Work” in support of the Off Broadway community. For more information, go to: