The Infamous Steak from Proptologist Jay Duckworth

by Michael Eddy

Props Artisan, (and SD contributor) Jay Duckworth is highly regarded for his mastery of all things props. He has even created an easy to eat steak for onstage meals that made a lasting impression on actor John Lithgow. In fact he asked the art department of his latest film Beatriz at Dinner to contact Duckworth in order to duplicate the easily eatable fake steak for him in the movie. Duckworth's recipe: watermelon and food coloring. It allows actors to chomp on a steak throughout a scene while still able to say their lines! 
Checkout Lithgow explaining the stage secret, crediting Duckworth for his ingenuity, on ABC's The Chew. Then scroll done to see the steak recipe.

Duckworth explains how the fake steak for Lear came to be, "We were doing King Lear at Shakespeare in the Park and John Lithgow wanted to eat a big piece of steak. The sugestion was made for tofu or other vile things that would not spoil. One day at lunch somone brought in watermelon. I took some carmel food coloring watered it down and brushed it over the top of the watermelon. This video is our very first test.


Mr.Lithgow said "I hope my performance is as good as this steak trick." That made my year to be honest!"

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