Lindsay Jones Scores 30th Anniversary Video for Chicago Shakespeare Theater

by Michael Eddy

Chicago Shakespeare Theater is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and with an amazingly rich production history, they created a video looking back over the last 30 years. From their early days on the roof of the Red Lion Pub in 1987 to their theater campus today on Chicago's Navy Pier they wanted to highlight the work and the spirit of the company. Music being such an important part of a montage video, Chicago Shakespeare Theater asked Sound Designer Lindsay Jones, principal of Lindsay Jones – Unique Music and Sound Design to score the celebratory video.

“I've been very fortunate to have a long and wonderful relationship with Chicago Shakespeare, so when they approached me to write music for their 30th anniversary celebration, you better believe that I jumped at the chance,” comments Jones. “It's a really special thing to see all of the productions back to back alongside my music, and to celebrate the many amazing artists who brought these shows to life. I hope you enjoy it too as I send my thanks to everyone at Chicago Shakespeare Theater for everything that you've given me over the years. Congrats on 30 incredible years, and here's to many more!”

Cheers also to producer HMS Media and Matt Hoffman, who worked directly with Artistic Director Barbara Gaines to create this piece!

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