Lookingglass Theatre Company Reflects on 30th Season

by Kathy Eddy

As the Lookingglass Theatre Company prepares to open its 30th season they took some time to reflect on the 30 years of productions they've produced. Founded in 1988 by graduates of Northwestern University, Lookingglass Theatre Company is today one of the nation's leading companies, having staged 96 Productions, of which 64 were world premieres, including Mary Zimmerman’s Tony Award-winning MetamorphosesThe Arabian Nights, and The Odyssey, David Schwimmer’s adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and Studs Terkel’s Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel about the American Obsession, and David Catlin’s circus tribute to Lewis Carroll, Lookingglass Alice. The companies work has been produced in more than a dozen US cities and they recieved the 2011 Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre. 

Perhaps there is no better way to explain the longevity and success of the Lookingglass Theatre Company then that they have stayed faithful to their mission statement:

"Oh my, How curious everything is!" - Alice (Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There)

When Alice walked through the looking glass, she walked into a world beyond imagination. She walked into a world more involving and intoxicating than any movie or circus, more thrilling than a high-speed chase, more frightening than a child’s nightmare, and more beautiful than a thunderstorm on a hot summer night. She awoke with a new sense of herself in the world and her own power within it.

Reflected in Lewis Carroll’s achievement is the mission of the Lookingglass Theatre Company. Through theatre, which invites, even demands, interaction with its audience, our goal is to fire the imagination with love, to celebrate the human capacity to taste and smell, weep and laugh, create and destroy, and wake up where we first fell — changed, charged and empowered.

The Lookingglass Theatre Company combines a physical and improvisational rehearsal process centered on ensemble with training in theatre, dance, music, and the circus arts. We seek to redefine the limits of theatrical experience and to make theatre exhilarating, inspirational, and accessible to all.

Lookingglass opens their 2017-18 (30th season) on Oct. 4th with Hard Times, adapted and directed by ensemble member Heidi Stillman from the book by Charles Dickens.