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Avolites: Diamond 9 Lighting Console

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • January 13, 2021

Avolites proudly introduces  the Diamond 9, its new flagship console. Building on more than four decades of experience powering the most demanding shows, the Avolites Diamond 9 is a dramatic evolution in production control. Here’s a video overview of the Diamond 9:

Avolites announces the launch of its new flagship console Diamond 9 in two versions: D9-330 and D9-215. Both new visual canvas controllers deliver inspired creative control to production designers allowing them to create, program, and command their ultimate performances.
The Diamond 9 consoles are the result of years of technical innovation from the Avolites team, utilizing their 45 years of industry experience, feedback from designers across the industry, and award winning industrial designers to create the ultimate control surface. The Diamond series is designed by Visual Designers, for Visual Designers, and everyone in-between to intuitively combine lighting, media, and other visual aspects of a show together. Each screen, fader, encoder and button has been meticulously thought over, so the console becomes an extension of the designer to give them totally unhindered creative freedom to power their ultimate shows.
The new hardware brings a new distinctive look and feel to the console, the main front panels are machined from a single sheet of aluminum with high end finishes. The D9 – 330 boasts 11 ultra-bright touch screens, including 3 main workspace screens, 3 for media preview, and specific screens for attribute control and softkey short cuts. The brand new motorized touch sensitive Penny & Giles faders and new encoders each have their own RGB bar graphs so levels can be monitored at a glance. There’s also a return of the infamous backlit integrated keyboard. The most interesting side of the D9 is the right-hand side, with 5 encoder wheels, a T bar for controlling scene masters and a new set of bespoke buttons carefully positioned so finding them is second nature.
“I had the privilege of using the D9-215 back in January 2020. The experience was fantastic. Programming on it felt familiar but greatly enhanced by the step up in hardware allowing for smoother, quicker and more enjoyable programming experience” says Tom Campbell (MIRRAD), production and lighting designer. “As a long term user of Avolites, I’m very excited to see where the D9 takes the company and I’m very proud to have had a small part of it.”
The key differentiators go far beyond the aesthetics; they provide more intuitive media control integration for lighting designers in all sectors of the industry. Building on the ground-breaking Synergy feature- set, released in October 2019, that allows seamless integration between media server and lighting control, the D9 brings this to your fingertips with intuitive design and layouts ideal for media playback and control. With the rise of video wall use in live performances, installs and even TV productions, creating an immersive and seamless lighting and video performance is vital. The D9 is designed to power the ultimate performances, with excellent connectivity including 32 universes of DMX output directly from the desk, 6 ethernet ports and network switch to allow complex shows to be controlled through one desk.
The new hardware isn’t the only pivotal change on this product. The D9’s spot Avolites’ new logo marque, the first significant change since the company’s inception in 1976. It reflects the future – facing strategy direction of the company, whilst underscoring Avolites’ creative-led approach to lighting and media design.
“The Diamond collection, with our new brand logo, marks the first step in our future facing strategy as a company” says Paul Wong, Managing Director of Avolites. “The D9’s are the resulting product of years of R&D investment, and we’re very proud to be giving our users the ultimate programming tool for their future creative projects.”
The Avolites D9-330 and D9-215 are available to order now.

Designed to Pioneer the Next Generation of Shows

Created in consultation with leading visual designers, and alongside expert industrial designers, D9 is ready for the next generation of ultimate shows and beyond. With vast screen real-estate, all-new controls, and unique media integration it intuitively combines control of all visual aspects of the show. Hand-crafted in London, built upon Avolites’ heritage of quality and reliability.

Ultimate Performance Control

The Finest Tactile Controls in Independent Banks of 15
Motorized and touch-sensitive Penny and Giles faders: Optical high-res rotary faders:  Short-travel flash buttons with positive haptics for perfect timing.

Indicator Colors for Flawless Performance
Fader and Encoder level indicator colors can be defined to make it even easier to group and quickly recognize controls when it counts.

11-Segment Level Indicator on Every Fader
RGB level indicator on every fader which follows the halo color of the playback. Especially useful on rotary faders when swapping pages.

Everything in its Right Place
Additional Macro buttons with a dedicated screen, right in the playback section. Flash buttons under the faders. Perfectly aligned labelling. Page banks for every section.



Ultimate Sequence Control

T-Bar for Super Smooth Transitions
The T-Bar delivers more refined control with even smoother manual fades. Paired with our unique Scene Master functionality it brings total professionalism to live creativity.

With its non-contact design, the fader remains as accurate as ever, even after years of use. The scene master function is complimented by a double width Commit button and four further control buttons, plus a dedicated LCD screen for continuous status data.

Dedicated Master Cue List Control Section
With two motorized faders, 8 control buttons and a double width Go button, theatrical cue list performance is at your fingertips.

Further information from Avolites:

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