Avolites: T2 USB Interface

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • September 10, 2019

The T2 is a brand new product in the Titan range from Avolites. With its small and sleek design, the T2 interface is packed with powerful capabilites. The T2 boasts two physical universes of DMX along with LTC timecode input and an Avokey included. The T2 can also support a Titan Mobile Wing and for the first time USB MIDI control. Here is a video overview of the T2:

The T2 allows access to the full Titan PC Suite with features including Synergy, Key Frame Shapes, and advanced pixel mapping as well the highly requested USB MIDI control; it can also be used as an LTC Timecode input with any console where this is not already built in.
The new T2 Interface from Avolites

Contact Avolites or your local Avolites distributor to learn more about the T2.

Further information from Avolites: www.avolites.com/t2usbinterface

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