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CHAUVET Professional: Ovation Rêve E-3 LED Ellipsoidal

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • May 10, 2021

The new Chauvet Ovation Rêve E-3, a next generation ellipsoidal that’s designed to create an array of vivid colors as well as variable whites. Incorporating advanced LED technology, the versatile fixture allows theaters to get more for their lighting investment by serving as both a variable white and color rendering unit. The Ovation Rêve E-3 performs this double duty without sacrificing brightness or performance. When creating whites with a 95+ CRI and high TM-30 RF, it delivers a level of brightness equal to that of a 750-1,000W incandescent fixture. It also features a linear CCT adjustment with +/- Green to match other sources light sources in a rig, and color temperature presets from 2,800K to 8,000K with high CRI and CQS. Here’s a sneak peak from CHAUVET of the Ovation Rêve E-3:

Brightness levels are even greater when the Rêve E-3 is creating realistic colors, ranging from soft pastels to bold primaries, with its RGBAM LED engine. Its “mint” color LED has been shown to be more efficient at producing a much brighter output as well as higher quality whites and colors.

“The Rêve E-3 represents an important advance for Ovation,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Being able to create colors as well as whites, reduces the number of fixtures needed in a production. This saves space on the rig and in the warehouse, as well as on the truck, which makes it an ideal fixture for our industry as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Whether it’s used to create variable whites or colors, the Rêve E-3 has the output to ensure even coverage from any hang point in theatres of all sizes. Thanks to its precision optics, the fixture delivers near flawless edge-to-edge focus to minimize any shift in focus between colors.

Discrete in its operation, the Rêve E-3 is virtually silent, making it well suited for applications where ultra-quiet operation is valued. Selectable fan speeds make it possible to eliminate even the faintest sounds completely, while the fixture’s adjustable PWM ensures flicker-free operation on-camera.

A clever design innovation allows the yoke of the Rêve E-3 to be shortened without being removed to provide a convenient solution for hanging in any space with a low ceiling. The fixture’s integrated handle makes focusing faster and easier, and as an added time saver, its Focus Mode can be accessed from a dedicated button.

The new advanced Rêve E-3 works with all lens tubes used on existing Ovation features as well as lenses from some other manufacturers, saving costs for anyone adding this innovative breakthrough product to a rig.

“Our goal in developing this fixture was to provide our customers with greater flexibility,” said Chauvet. “We wanted to offer them a fixture that can create both white and colored light, a fixture that could deliver greater output, yet still be silent. This is our way of delivering greater value to the market at a time when value is needed more than ever.”

Further information from CHAUVET Professional:


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