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Creative Conners: How to Program a Trainee with Spikemark Using a Click PLC and Modbus TCP

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • January 20, 2021

Automation specialist, Creative Conners recently introduced Trainee, the first stage automation learning kit to introduce the core principles of moving scenery. To aid in learning how to work with this automation training tool, Gareth Conner, Founder & President of Creative Conners leads you through this video, How to program a Trainee with Spikemark using a Click PLC and Modbus TCP:

This training video demonstrates some of the possibilities of scenery automation. Build the 1/4″ scale theater. Assemble and install the motor and other deck winch mechanics. Wire up the limit switches, relays and push buttons for control. You’ll practice many of the same steps needed to set up a full-size deck winch.

Product Links
Scenic Automation Handbook
Free Spikemark Software
Click PLC

Chapter Time Links
0:00 – Intro to using a PLC and Modbus TCP with the Trainee
7:38 – Wiring & Schematic changes to connect a Trainee with a Click PLC
15:48 – Configuration of the Click PLC and Programming in Spikemark



You can read all about Creative Conners’ Trainee and get further information in the November issue of Stage Directions magazine.

Further information from Creative Conners:


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