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Creative Conners: Smart Chain Hoist Intro Video

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • February 12, 2020

The Smart Chain Hoist from Creative Conners is a CM D8+ machine that has been adapted for quiet, theatrical use by the team at Creative Conners. Here’s an introductory video to the company’s Smart Chain Hoists:

Smart enough to be part of your show
Mechanically built by the best names in the industry. Controlled by the automation system you already know.

Smart Chain hoists give you the flexibility of variable speed and quiet operation. With a 1/2-ton capacity, you can use Smart Chain hoists during load in and during your show.

Simple Cabling
A Stagehand Pro AC provides all power and data to a Smart Chain Hoist over only two cables with industrially tough connectors.

Rigging to high steel or in the grid is as straight forward as your traditional “dumb” chain hoist.

Precise Positioning
High resolution encoders ensure your Smart Chain Hoist moves where you want and stop with precision. Persistent Positioning ensures that position data is never lost, even if you lose power.

There’s no more “bumping in” until you get to your desired position. Smart Chain hoists can hit a spike accurately every time. Set a position and land exactly at your mark or “kiss” the deck every time.

Coordinate choreographed lifting
Write and execute cues just like all Creative Conners machines. Program position, time, and speed. All our Smart Hoists have dual brakes and dual encoders to ensure precise movement and positioning.

With Spikemark running on a PC, Stage Manager, or Pendant you can Group hoists to run simultaneously and in sync.

Further information from Creative Conners:

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