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disguise Offers Free Training Webinars

Stage Directions • Industry NewsTools of the Trade • March 20, 2020

disguise has responded to the COVID-19 shutdown. Here is their statement from its CEO, Fernando Kufer along with links to their webinar platform, disguise OnDemand where they will deliver free training and webinars.

It’s been a week of huge change for us all, and our hearts go out to all those directly affected.

The ever-evolving COVID-19 situation is having a large effect on our industry and disguise is doing everything we can to get through this difficult time together.

We’re striving to provide continuity wherever possible, and our aim is to support our customers, partners and community through these tough times that we have ahead of us.

I have summarized below a few of our initiatives that we already have in progress.

Going virtual
In times of uncertainty, knowledge becomes a powerful tool. Our teams are working on new ways to deliver and share information via online training, webinars and virtual events.

Following Chinese New Year, our China team launched the ‘disguise hub’ online training program to help our partners, community and others in the industry to learn and keep engaged.

We are also launching a webinar platform, ‘disguise OnDemand’, to be able to deliver free training and webinars. As of next week, we will be running free training webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays run by our London, US, Hong Kong, and Spain teams. Keep an eye on our website and social media for details. As well as training, we will be inviting our community to take part in webinars, and talk on specialist topics as well as share a project case study to make sure we can help engage and elevate our community during this time.

We have cancelled all face-to-face public training in March and April. We will closely monitor the situation and will look at May and June courses in due course.

Last but not least, we are launching an Online Community site to help our community connect, collaborate, share, and support one another in the disguise community. If you would like to participate in the first phase of beta testing in the coming weeks, please email on

More ways to access our software
We are working on ways to enable more people to access our software. We will be offering some free software and disguise USB dongle giveaways.

We are also partnering up with Notch to get you free access to the Notch Builder Learner, to add to your ‘Codemeter’ dongles.

If you have a disguise dongle, they can add a Notch Builder Learner license to it. If you have a Notch dongle, we can add a disguise license to it. This will mean more people can access both our softwares, and we just need the serial number to be able to activate.

Work from home
All of our employees are able to work remotely with full access to our systems, so any customer enquiries, orders, support and shipments will still be dealt with as usual.

Our thoughts at this time are with the whole disguise community, and above all, we want you to know we’re here to help support you along the way through this difficult time.

Fernando Kufer
CEO, disguise


Further information from disguise:

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