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Doug Fleenor Design: 1212-DIN DMX/RDM Splitter

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • June 13, 2018
The 1212-DIN DMX/RDM Splitter from Doug Fleenor Design

The 1212-DIN DMX/RDM Splitter from Doug Fleenor Design

The 1212 Splitter from Doug Fleenor Design is now shipping. The compact design, surface mount pc board components, and simplified assembly procedure allow DFD to offer this new splitter at a cost lower than our premium splitters.

The 1212 Splitter is offered in three models:

1212-DIN is a one input, twelve output DMX/RDM DIN rail mounted splitter
1212-DIN-JBOX is the 1212-DIN mounted in a NEMA 1 junction box
1212-DIN-JBOX-PS is the 1212-DIN-JBOX with an included universal power supply

Product details include:

  • RDM compatibility
  • Low voltage powered (9-24 VDC, 10W) (100-240 VAC optional)
  • DIN-rail mounted for easy installation (junction box optional)
  • Pluggable Phoenix terminal block connectors
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in USA

Further information from Doug Fleenor Design, Inc.:

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