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ETC: Concert 4.1 System Configuration Software

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • February 23, 2021

ETC is pleased to announce the latest version of its system config software, Concert 4.1. Now with 100% more support for Macs. (MacOS Mojave or later. It works on Apple silicon.)

Create a symphony of configuration and monitoring
ETC Concert software combines all of the tools necessary to configure, monitor, and maintain your lighting system and its configuration into a single program. Concert allows you to build and modify configurations for Power Control products, Network gateways and many other ETC products.

Concert’s interface is intuitive enough for anyone to use, even if you have very little lighting experience. You can access the interface on your PC, Mac or ETC Eos or Cobalt lighting desk.

When you connect to your lighting system using Concert, you can discover RDM devices connected through an ETC DMX Gateway along with other ETC devices on your network. Concert automatically generates a wiring diagram to show what’s connected to the system and where, giving you a visual map of your entire lighting system complete with graphics and color-coded icon sets. You can search for and view lists of the devices that are in your system and their current status. If there is an issue, you will receive real-time notification, and as errors are corrected in the system, they automatically clear.

Product Features

  • Configuration, status, and error monitoring for connected ETC products
  • Status and error monitoring for any Net3 product
  • Discovery and configuration of RDM devices connected to an ETC DMX Gateway.
  • “Tear-off” tabs to quickly reorganize and open multiple workspaces
  • Network map and Spreadsheet views of device connections
  • Alignment and distribution tools for easy organization and navigation
  • Search tools to quickly find and navigate, for even the largest systems

Further information from ETC:


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