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Gerriets: PIPE CAT Soft Goods Hanger

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • May 7, 2019

After a successful launch at USITT in Louisville, KY, Gerriets introduces an ingenious new solution to hang soft goods, the PIPE CAT, which drastically speeds up curtain change overs. Here is a video demonstration of the PIPE CAT: {youtube} v=WfH9zsX2P1M{/youtube}

The bottom piece clips through the grommets at the top of the curtain, while the top piece is simply pushed up onto the batten so the “ears” clip around the pipe. When weight is applied to the bottom section of the PIPE CAT, it holds on tighter, while if it is pulled down from the grip section underneath the pipe, the PIPE CAT easily pulls away from the pipe. Its rotating bottom piece allows curtains to be hung with tied-in fullness, by clipping two grommets together. With PIPE CAT, swapping out soft goods on stage is a breeze.
The PIPE-CAT from Gerriets is a quicker and more efficient way to hang soft goods versus using tieline

Also introduced is the PIPE CLAMP, which has the same head as the PIPE CAT, with the same benefits but the bottom is switched out with a fabric clamp. The clamp is designed to tighten around the fabric, so the more the fabric is pulled, the tighter the clamp gets. This allows for the hanging of curtains and fabrics without grommets, perfect for rental and event drapery, quick mock-ups or curtains that are one and done. You can even use them to easily trip already made curtains.

The final piece of the PIPE CAT family is the BASE CAT, which is the bottom half of the PIPE CAT. It securely holds onto the curtain, but the hook on the top to allows a curtain to be easily hung from drapery track.

PIPE CAT – For attaching grommeted draperies to pipe battens.

PIPE CLAMP – For attaching un-grommeted draperies to pipe battens.

BASE CAT – For easily attaching grommeted curtains to drapery track.

Here’s a video demonstration showing the time-savings of using Pipe Cat vs Tie Line: {youtube}v=XKnjx9EeSeg{/youtube}

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