Lectrosonics Introduces “The Wire-Lists” Blog

Stage Directions • Industry NewsTools of the Trade • February 11, 2020

Lectrosonics introduces The Wire-Lists, a continuing series of blog articles aimed at sharing new ideas, insider tips and techniques, solutions, and reference information to benefit professionals working in the community. Lectrosonics created The Wire-Lists articles to serve as an important resource to address questions and suggestions from sound recordists, engineers, salespeople, R&D professionals, and others in the industry.Some of the interesting topics which have been addressed in The Wire-Lists articles include: The 4 Don’ts for Preventing Sick Transmitters; My Transmitter Doesn’t Work! Three Things To Check; Lessons on Battery Care for the Long Ranger; Cold Weather Care for Transmitters, Mics and Receivers; Why Are You Holding Your Mic Like That? The Dos and Don’ts of RF Attenuation; Three Wireless Designer Tips and Tricks; 1 Tip to Identify Types, and 9 Ways To Prevent Wireless Mic RF Drop-Outs; Popular Transmitter Antenna Combos; Three HM Transmitter Hacks (aka “MacGyvers”) for Desperate Situations and others.

“Lists like these can be fun but we didn’t want just click bait,” says Karl Winkler, VP of sales & marketing at Lectrosonics, Inc. “The customer support and marketing teams created The Wire-Lists to serve as a resource for our customers and other professionals in the industry with helpful tips, lesser known information, and occasionally, a bit of humor.”

The Wire-Lists are available on Lectrosonics Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as on the company’s website: The Wire-Lists

Users are welcome to submit questions or suggested topics for future Wire-Lists articles at sales@lectrosonics.com.

Further information from Lectrosonics: www.lectrosonics.com


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