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LightParts: Offers Strand Leko Lite Lamps

Michael Eddy • Tools of the Trade • June 26, 2019
The new LP7021 and LP7019 lamps for Strand Leko Lites from LiteParts

The new LP7021 and LP7019 lamps for Strand Leko Lites from LiteParts

LightParts Inc., the parts and repair source for entertainment lighting, announces availability of the LightParts 750W/115V 7019G GRS Fast Fit and 575W/115V 7021G/LL long life NPA Fast Fit lamps for use in Strand Leko Lite ellipsoidal fixtures. (Strand has discontinued the Leko Lite line of fixtures.) The 750W lamp is rated for 300 hours of operation, and the 575W is rated for 1,500 hours of operation.

Strand has issued a tech bulletin directing customers to LightParts to purchase replacement lamps for their Strand Leko Lite fixtures.

“There are several thousand Strand Leko Lites in the field that require quality replacement lamps,” says Robert Mokry of LightParts. “Again, customers asked and LightParts delivered. The LightParts lamps offer comparable color temperature, luminous output, lamp life, and build quality to the original (now discontinued) Philips lamps.”

Go to: for more info.

For more info about LightParts lamps, email, or call 512-873-7106.
Further information from LiteParts:

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