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Notch: 0.9.22 Release Highlights Reel

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • June 26, 2019

Notch announces Notch 0.9.22—a substantial update including ray tracing, Substance Designer integration, NotchLC Adobe Plugins, Unicode support, BlackTrax & Xsens Integration and 300+ new features, updates and fixes. Here is a highlight reel of what’s new in Notch 0.9.22:

The 0.9.22(.53) update is available for download now. Since the 0.9.22 release, Notch has added several fixes, updates, and some user-requested features (including more keyboard shortcuts), and the company recommends all users to install this update.

See the full changelog!

You can read more about it:
Further information from Notch and to download 0.9.22: 

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