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NovaStar: NovaPro UHD Jr. All-in-One Controller

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • January 27, 2021

Simplify your system design and let NovaStar take care of all things LED processing. More than just a sending card, the NovaPro UHD Jr. enables rich image mosaic effects and faster and easier operations with integrated video processing and sending capabilities in a single box. Here’s an in-depth introduction video for the NovaPro UHD Jr. all-in-one 4K controller:

With 4K inputs and outputs, high performance video scaling, picture in picture, low latency, and HDR capabilities—the NovaPro UHD Jr. is the LED processing solution for stage control systems, exhibition sites, conference rooms, and other high-end applications as well as fine pitch LED displays.


Integrated scaling
– No need to use other devices to do scaling
– 3 layers, 1 x BKG and mosaic

Big capacity
– Up to 10.4 million pixels, 1.6million more than the MCTRL4K
– Max width up to 16K, Max height up to 8K

– 1 x DP1.2
– 4 x DVI
– 1 x HDMI2.0 with loop
– 2 x 12G-SDI with loop

– 16 x Neutrik Ethernet Ports
– 4 x 10G Fiber (two primary, two backup)

Dual-mode design
– Can be used either as controller or fiber distribution box, saving the additional cost of CVT4K-S

Other features
– Genlock, 10 Presets, HDR supported

Further information from NovaStar:

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