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Peavey Ferret D Seeks Out Feedback

Jacob Coakley • Tools of the Trade • February 15, 2007

MERIDIAN, MS — The new Peavey Feedback Ferret D is a feedback suppressing device that includes Peavey’s patented anti-feedback algorithm and feature set. This DSP uses 16 “smart” digital filters to find and fix compromised frequencies before they become problematic with four user presets, power-up recall, “panic” filters, XLR and 1/4-inch TRS balanced I/O and an internal power supply — plus a graphic interface to simplify setup and monitoring.

The Feedback Ferret D applies “smart” notch filters intended to find, lock and suppress offending frequencies before human ears can detect them. Sixteen targeted filters work at this by applying a succession of narrow filters with just enough attenuation to eliminate the feedback. The algorithm continuously checks and rechecks the designated problem frequencies and then releases the filters when it no longer detects feedback.

The Peavey Feedback Ferret D is now available from authorized Peavey retailers.

Other features include 16 digital dynamic filters four user presets, panic mode for unexpected bursts of feedback, power-up recall function, front panel disable switch and a single rack space size. U.S. MSRP: $399.99

For more information, visit

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