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Point Source Audio: Lavalier Mic Can Switch Colors and Wearing Styles Video

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • February 10, 2021

Stay prepared and save the day! Switch up the lapel lavalier with Point Source Audio’s patented EMBRACE™ earmounts to wear on-ear—and even change the mic color for fast concealment. The PSA LAVALIER SWITCH KIT includes samples of the company’s most popular accessories to deliver you field survival in a box! Here’s a video overview from PSA:

• IP 57 Waterproof Omni Lavalier
• Available in High and Low Sensitivity Ratings
• 10 Point Quality Check
• Interchangeable X-Connectors for all Shure, Sennheiser and Lectrosonic wireless brands
• BONUS Phono Adapter is included for use with mobile devices and computers.

Further information from Point Source Audio:

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