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Reliable Design Services: Job Site Hand Sanitizer Station

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • September 21, 2020

Help your crews stay safer with new Job Site Sanitizer Station. Seeing a need for hand sanitizer stations that work in the event production world, Dallas, TX-based Reliable Design Services introduces its Job Site Sanitizer Station (JS3). Designed to work with various mounting hardware already in most company’s inventory, the JS3 can be attached to truss, pipe, grip stands, and more. Sanitizer stations placed where work is happening make it easier for your staff to use and keep everyone safer.

The Job Site Sanitizer Station is an all-black unit designed to be inconspicuous on job sites while staying close to where the work is happening. The battery-powered unit features touchless dispensing and works with either gel or liquid sanitizer solution. A full tank provides approximately 1,600 dispenses – enough to get through most workdays without needing a refill.

Users can provide their mounting hardware, batteries, and sanitizer solution, or they may purchase along with the Sanitizer Station. Units are in stock and ready to ship today. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Further information from Reliable Design Services:

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