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Riedel: DisTag Distance Monitor to Maintain Social Distance

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • June 26, 2020

Wearing the DisTag to help keep socially distant while working from Riedel Communications

Riedel Communications’ DisTag, an all-new distance monitoring device, can be worn around the neck, or carried in a pocket, alerts its wearer via haptic, visual, and acoustic signals whenever the mandatory minimum distance to other people is about to be breached. When production comes back from the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, safety is a key concern among crews.

“After weeks of quarantines and other limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic, our society is gradually returning to normal — but it’s a new type of normal. Slowing the spread of the virus is still a number one priority as key industries, organizations, and institutions start to reopen and people begin returning to work,” said Thomas Riedel, Founder and CEO, Riedel Communications. “In recent months, we’ve learned as a community to adapt to new behavior patterns and situations, and a fundamental aspect is for employees, visitors, and customers to maintain a safe distance between each other. That’s where the new DisTag device comes into play.”

Featuring a compact and minimalist design, DisTag is ideal for theater, media, and event production, public and cultural institutions, and schools and universities, industrial operations, retailers, medical facilities. The device offers three signal levels: a two-stage vibration alarm (haptic), a two-stage LED signal (visual), and a two-stage sound signal (acoustic). The proximity limits of the warning signals can be individually defined and adjusted in accordance with local regulations for social distance.

Jacky Voss, Corporate Business Development Manager at Riedel, added, “With its small size 3.62-inches by 1.61-inches (93 mm by 41 mm) and low weight 2.15 oz. (61 grams), the device is compact, comfortable, and hardly even noticeable to users. DisTag can be used virtually anywhere, whether indoors or out, and its integrated battery provides power for up to 12 hours. And, as it requires no additional infrastructure, it is easy to expand the system at any time — all that is needed are more DisTags.”

Further information from Riedel:

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