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Robe: T2 Profile™ Luminaire

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • April 21, 2021

Moving light manufacturer Robe Lighting s.r.o. launches its new T2 Profile luminaire offering an array of innovative technologies and the color finesse of Robe’s Multi-Spectral LED (MSLTM) light engines. Crafted for multiple applications – theatre, television, auditoriums, stages, concert environments, etc., – the T2 Profile produces over 17,500 lumens – measured at the front lens – via its 850W MSL™ source. The fixture is designed to be exceptionally quiet.

It will also be an ideal long throw partner used in conjunction with Robe’s smaller T1 series fixtures, as both feature the MSLTM LED engines and therefore produce an identical multi-spectral color mixing consistency. The T2 Profile incorporates many unique technologies like adjustable CCT – from 2,700K to 8,000K – together with DataSwatch for the quick selection of 237 authentic pre-programmed colors and tones including the most frequently used whites.

A high CRI of 95+ gives gorgeous skin tones, while Robe’s L3 – Low Light Linearity – and uber-smooth 18-bit dimming enable fabulous fades-to-black. EMSstabilization keeps the fixture steady whatever is happening around it, and the Cpulseflicker-free management is essential when working with cameras and vision systems.

Other features include the RCC(Robe Color Calibration) system which allows self-calibration of the LED engine without using any external tools. AirLOC (Less Optical Cleaning) greatly reduces the levels of airborne particles across the optical elements, boosting the overall performance and light quality of the fixture, and it also reduces the time needed for routine cleaning and maintenance.

The T2 Profile has been engineered by Robe to include all the functionality that lighting designers and professionals are demanding with features like fast, easy CMY color control; a separate +/- green hue control channel; an impressive 5°– 55° zoom; variable 1° and 5° interchangeable frosts with full zoom range capability; two gobo wheels – one static and one rotating; an animation wheel; two rotating prisms and precise four individual plane framing shutter system.

Further information from Robe lighting:

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