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Speedtech International: SPEEDWRAP® Cable Tie Mounts

Stage Directions • Tools of the Trade • April 13, 2021

While there are many cable tie mounts for nylon cable ties, the SPEEDWRAP Cable Tie Mount is unique in that it’s designed for hook & loop fasteners only. SPEEDWRAP Brand Tie Mounts enable users to mount hook & loop ties (including VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties) to almost any surface using screws or the mount’s sticky back surface. Here’s an overview video of  SPEEDWRAP Cable Tie Mounts:

These low profile, mounting bases for cable ties are ideal for tight spaces along walls, inside equipment racks, cabinets, or even in ceilings. The cable tie mounts are available in two different styles.

Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts
The sticky back version features a commercial grade, general-purpose and pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. The mount and adhesive are specifically designed to accommodate hook and loop ties, straps, and tapes.

Screw Down Cable Tie Mounts
The screw mount version can be attached to a surface by screw or nail. Most installers attach the mounts during the initial installation and return later to thread the cable ties through the slots. Our finished fastening system comes ready to bundle wires, cables, or objects so there’s no wait time between attaching the mounts and threading the cable ties.

Further information from Speedtech International:

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